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May 7, 2023

What does it take to be a modern CMO? In our conversations with chief marketers over the past year, we've gathered the following:

*A relentless commitment to the customer.

*The ability to drive business results and measure the impact of creative programs.

*A sophisticated understanding of data and its application to the marketing function.

*An agile approach, to accommodate for fluctuating market conditions and cultural shifts.

*A sense of fearlessness and the willingness to make bold creative moves—and learn from the failures that might ensue.

But wait, there's more. They must also size-up the latest marketing technologies; monitor and improve the customer experience; establish and connect marketing initiatives to brand purpose; and embrace diversity and inclusion policies that don’t simply pay lip service. And the list goes on.

No big deal, right? Not quite. But despite the growing list of priorities and responsibilities that marketing chiefs are tasked with today, they tend to concur on one thing: It's a thrilling time to be a marketer today. And we know that these 10 executives, who we've named Chief Marketer Future CMOs for 2023, are up to the task.

Indeed, we've spotted the above-mentioned attributes in the careers and accomplishments of these aspiring CMOs. So let's give them some props for it.

Please join us in celebrating the promising future of these marketers, who, in our view, are destined for the C-suite.

Until next week,

Kaylee Hultgren
Chief Marketer

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