FOR THE WEEK OF February 3, 2019

Hello, all you masters of marketing and Future CMOs. We hope your New Year got off to a momentous start.

You may have noticed that this newsletter looks a little different, and indeed, it is. Today, we are excited to introduce you to the new Chief Marketer Weekly—a redesigned and reimagined weekly dose of must-read content that summarizes everything the multi-tasking, omni-channel brand experience marketer needs to know into one handy capsule. Skim it on your commute. Deep dive it when you have a few minutes. Sneak it in this weekend. We think fewer, smarter emails are a good thing. So we hope you’ll enjoy our curated review of the week’s most relevant marketing insights—plus a few of our exclusive interviews and stories you can’t get anywhere else.

Among the stories in this week’s edition: We bring you 91 tips and ideas from 20 top CMOs in our annual CMO Roundtable feature. See what some of the industry’s brightest leaders have to say about the trends and challenges they’ll be navigating in the year ahead—and what they plan to do about them.

And speaking of CMO thinking, this week we also share our conversation with Fortune 500 brand United Rentals' CMO Chris Hummel and hear his insights on how the brand is using its digital strategy to reach B2B decision makers. We also talk Super Bowl with SunTrust CMO Susan Johnson to learn more about the Atlanta-based brand’s hometown activation strategy.

We hope you enjoy our new “less is more” approach and that it leaves you more time for the Super Bowl, the Puppy Bowl and all bowls filled with delicious game-day snacks.

Have a great weekend and catch you next week.

Jessica Heasley
Content Director - Chief Marketer

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Ninety-one tips, insights and ideas from 20 top marketing executives who share their top opportunities and challenges in our second annual CMO Roundtable. 
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SunTrust Runs its Own Playbook for Super Bowl Weekend

SunTrust is using new Snapchat tech, digital plays and plenty of interactive experiences to engage Super Bowl fans.
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Customer experience can no longer be left to chance

A well-connected martech stack can deliver great experiences, which generates a 3x return on investment in customer experience.

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B2B Ecommerce Portal Helps United Rentals Improve Customer Experience

CMO Chris Hummel shares how an integrated b2b ecommerce portal is helping United Rentals boost ROI and customer engagement.
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Declining Consumer Confidence and Privacy Regulations Concern Marketers in 2019

A dip in consumer confidence thanks to the government shutdown and privacy laws are among marketers' biggest worries for the new year.
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How Sun-Maid is Back in the Spotlight After a Decade in the Dark

With the new "Grow Young" campaign, Sun-Maid has big plans to pull itself back up into the sunshine targeting a growth goal of $100 million in five years.
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AR & VR: 4 Ways to Succeed in a New Reality

Mixed reality is taking a leading role in modern B2C and B2B marketing efforts. Take a lesson in key takeaways from unique mixed reality implementations.
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